A r t w o r k

College, Foundation, University, Insta and doodles.

A r t w o r k

For my foundation course work check out my flickr account for a visual page by page sketchbook on all my projects.

(*this current excludes skateboard work as sketchbooks are being used)

Currently at Uni we use Wordpress to create a day by day reflection on each lesson and project we do.

Currently studing Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Westminster. Last year I studied a ual: Foundation course at Colchester Instute.

The two links to the left show my portfolio from my Foundation year and my current first year at University.

The rest of the work on this page are doodles and illustrations.

Everything else...


( all artwork is copyrighted and reserved rights )

Mob: 07857 918561

Email: otter.potter@hotmail.co.uk‬

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