About me...

Welcome to Amelia Potters Art & Photography page!

I am a freelance artist who is quite experienced in a vairty of arts, I am currently studing at the University of Westminster doing Illustration & Visual Commuinaiction.

I am aspiring to become a illsutrator or concept artist for something like Disney or Pixar creating characters or story boards or concept for films as such. I currently do and take on as much freelance work as I can.


I am currently a Photographyer for The Classical Ballet & Theatre Dance School as well as The Chelmsford Ballet Company, for rehersal and stage pictures.

I am also known as the Channel Artist for The Fragnostic's Youtube channel, for illustrations and charcters for Fraggers alongside merchandise for the channel found at redbuble:



The Boswells School 2009-2014


The Boswells Sixith Form 2014-2016


The Colchester Instute 2016-2017

ual Foundation Diplomia

The University of Westminster- 2018-(present)

BA Hons Illustration & Visual Commuincation

Please dont hesatate!

I do a lot of art I might not be able to post it all so get in touch!

Some extra one off works I have done include; record lables, album covers, carictures, cards, animation and more!

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